"The Greatest Improvement to The Wheelbarrow Since... The Wheel!"

What is The OverEasy™?

The patent pending OverEasy™ is an innovative wheel kit designed to improve the performance of your existing wheelbarrow.  Due to the unique design and wheel placement, The OverEasy™ offers increased maneuverability, stability, and accessibility; all while decreasing risk of injury to the user or damage to materials on the job site!

For more info/customer service, email: customerservice@getovereasy.com


"I load dirt until it’s heaping.  Even with that much weight it still rolls just like it’s supposed to.  When you lean it (to the side) the wheels will actually start the turn for you.” 

Joe Churches; K&L Construction Improvements

“The first thing I’d do after buying a wheelbarrow was remove the metal wheel guard.  They’ll grind into cement, flagstones, pavers or whatever else you’re dumping on.  That’s damage and I lose MONEY on the job. The OverEasy™ dumps on a soft tire.”

Steve Clark; Nu-Scapes Landscaping

“My yard is uneven and with this design, the placement of the wheels, it made the job so much easier.  So glad I came across this invention.  Money well spent!”

Jeanie; Homeowner